Highlow from the ancient yew grove where Hathersage church now stands



You can't kill the spirit
She is like a mountain
Bold and strong
She goes on and on and on


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News summary 04.02.07

It was very peaceful; after enjoying a sunny morning in Hathersage she went for a sleep at around midday and didn't wake. It was the best we all hoped for and definitely what Jos wanted.


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Some of Jos's writings.

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My daily routine
26 Nov-16 Dec 2004:
Biopsy, diagnosis, and pre-chemo days
Enjoyment of breathing: handling pain and pragmatic meditation
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28th Jan-16th Feb 2005:
Chemo Round Three
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19th Feb-9th Mar 2005:
Chemo Round Four
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11th Mar-1st April 2005:
Yew,me, Highlow and Hathersage
3rd - 23rd April 2005:
In-the-flesh visits & virtual alternatives
24th April-14th May 2005:
Hocus-pocus and Oker Boker
24th April-14th May 2005:
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15th May - 5th June 2005:
Period of stability
6th - 29th June 2005:
Period of stability
30th June - 31st July 2005:
Living with Growth
1st - 31st August 2005:
Living with Growth
September 2005:
Living with Growth
October 2005:
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November 2005:
Not dead yet
December 2005:
... and still life goes on
January 2006
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March 2006
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April 2006
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June 2006
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August 2006
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September 2006
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October 2006
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November 2006
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December 2006
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January 2007
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February 2007
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