February 2007

There are many things we could say, and things which have been said, that we would like to publish on Jos's website. We will make more updates to the site soon. We would also like to publish contributions from anyone who, in their own way, wishes to express themselves about Jos - Please email any of us (Ian, John and Sarah), or use the forum.

05 Feb 2006: Sarah's Email to All

Hello everybody,

This is Jos's daughter Sarah writing to inform you that Jos passed away yesterday.
It was very peaceful; after enjoying a sunny morning in Hathersage she went for a sleep at around midday and didn't wake. It was the best we all hoped for and definitely what Jos wanted.
We're not sure of plans for a memorial service but I know Jos didn't want a fuss so things will be kept very low key, she has a plot reserved in the Hathersage churchyard so people will know where to find her if they want to pay their respects.
I will try to keep everyone posted.
Thanks very much for all the kind words and support you all gave to my mum during her illness.

09 Feb 2007: Arrangements

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all who have sent emails, cards, and kind wishes to our family this week. We haven't replied to everyone yet, but we are very grateful for the support we have had and for the things that everyone has said and done.

We have now confirmed the details of Jos's Burial. This will take place at 2PM on Wednesday 14th February in the Parish Burial Ground next to the churchyard (Map: http://tinyurl.com/ypsymr ). Jos left instructions as follows:

"Memorial service - I have decided I really don't want one at all. Obviously a minor event needs to be made out of plonking my remains in the burial ground. Definitely no more than 10-15 minutes of graveside activity. Don't mind if this is just close loved ones or a bigger gathering of friends...Interment could be preceded or followed by a walk to Carr Head Rocks...My emphasis is on the headstone, and there being somewhere beautiful where friends and family can come and think of me in their own time, whenever they want, rather than as part of a formal event."

With this in mind, but also recognising the need for people to have an opportunity to see Jos off, we have planned a graveside ceremony with the help of Frank Abel, who is the local humanist officiant from Sheffield. The ceremony will probably last around 40 minutes, and will be followed at about 3PM by a walk to Carr Head Rocks, which was one of Jos's favourite walks, and one that Sarah and I are very keen to do. Obviously our worry here is that we are vulnerable to the elements (Especially as this can be an exposed place), but Jos never let that discourage her from anything, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for the ceremony and the walk. We are still investigating alternatives in case the weather is very terrible.

Following the walk we expect to return to the Scotsmans Pack (Which is near the church at Hathersage) for about 5:30PM. Here everyone can have a chance to catch-up, and we can be joined by anyone who wasn't able to make the ceremony or walk. We have confirmed this is OK with the Scotmans pack, and if anyone has any ideas or wishes for this part of the evening, we won't have any objections at all - Please let us know.

One other thing - We are very sure Jos woulden't have wanted this to be a black dress event, so please come dressed with Jos and/or walking in mind :-)

Looking forwards to seeing you all,

Lots of Love,

Ian and Sarah Wild

PS: For anyone that can't make Wednesday, we are planning a number of other events, both relating to fundraising activities for MAP, and for the erection of the headstone / celebration of Jos's life.


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