December 2006

10 December 2006:
Progress report

Dear everybody,

Sadly I can't report rallying round - my condition has continued to deteriorate. This week's news is that since last Wednesday I've been resident most of the time in St Luke's Hospice in Sheffield, as a result of fatigue having reached pretty well impossible levels. I was very pleased to have got it sorted to be in a Sheffield hospice so that children have easy access - as opposed to my more "local" which would have been dire to travel to. St Luke's is rather an impressive place, offering all sorts of complementary therapies and services and very flexible in its approach. This weekend John has been bringing me back to Hathersage for the day and returning me to St Luke's at night, which seems a very good arrangement at the moment. We'll play it by ear from next week onwards, depending on whether my fatigue can be reduced at all. My blood count has sunk to 9, which is the level of anaemia at which they offer you blood transfusions - will be deciding mon/Tues whether that's the best route to go down.

It's sad to have to report at the same time that Paddy our much-loved and ancient dog is also on his last legs... but like me, at least he too seems fairly comfortable.

Off for a snooze now, and hoping that a bit of sun will be shining on Hathersage this afternoon to lure me out for a little walk.

Lots of love, Jos

News summary 18.12.06

Back home after 10 days in St Luke's Hospice - feeling pretty weird but in a much better state than when I went there. Managed to get up to Hathersage churchyard yesterday altho' took what seemed like an eternity.

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