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This study was undertaken in 1989/90, and the bibliography reflects this.

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Unpublished material in Sheffield City Archives

(You need to know how to read archaic lettering styles to use these!)

  Photocopies of wills and inventories for Norton proved at Lichfield, indexed by South Yorkshire County Council
MD 3053 Indenture dated 24th August 1636 between Robert Garlicke the elder of Heeley, scythegrinder .. [and others]
Hobson Collection Documents relating to Heeley Mill
Wheat Collection Nos 1182-4: Articles of Agreement between Joshua Gill of Heeley and Benjamin Roebuck factor, 19th April 1764, and similar Articles

Unpublished material in the Sheffield Collection, Sheffield City Libraries

Garlicke, P.C. The Sheffield Cutlery & Allied Trades and their markets in the Eighteenth and the Nineteenth Centuries (M.A. dissertation, Sheff Univ, 1951)
Hall, T.W. Norton near Sheffield. Catalogue of some of the Charters and Ancient Deeds. (1913, typescript in Sheffield City Libraries)
McPhee, Allan The Growth of Cutlery & Allied Trades to 1814 (Typescript, 1939, held by Sheffield City Libraries)


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